The Lanolin Collection Process

The Muster

Around Springtime every year in New Zealand, farmers muster their sheep from the surrounding paddocks, hills and mountains, droving them to the local woolshed for shearing. Shearing - the process of removing the wool with clippers, is a skilled craft which is expertly done without hurting or harming the sheep. 

The Shear

Once shearing is complete, the sheep are returned to their paddocks to graze, enjoying a much lighter coat for the warmer weather and ready to grow more fine quality wool for the next winter.

The Extraction

Sheep are returned to their paddock. Their wool is sent off to be scoured and lanolin collected, which is then used in Lanocreme skincare products.


    Scientifically proven to be the closest substance to your skin’s own natural oils. Lanolin assists to maintain the strength of the skin's protective barrier; holding moisture, protecting it from damage and keeping dirt and impurities out. It can also aid the skin's natural repair process. 


    Lanolin is a natural skin softener and it's semi-permeable nature, enables us to create skincare that forms a protective barrier keeping moisture in, all while allowing skin to breathe. Skin's very own waterproof jacket.


    Lanolin is a unique and nourishing substance. It's ability to provide a breathable skin barrier creates a perfect environment for long lasting skin hydration by preventing water loss by 20-30%. Lanolin is like a moisture blanket for your skin.


    With the ability to retain up to twice it's weight in water, coupled with its highly moisturising properties, Lanolin plumps each cell full of much needed moisture and rejuvenates skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.